Benching is the newest answer to office workspace.  Benching is an effective way to maximize space, accomodating more team members in an ever shrinking floor plan.  The clean, streamlined design makes even a smaller workspace seem less claustrophobic and opens up views and natural light that were once obscured by traditional cubicles.  Benching also provides the most effective space for teaming and collaboration because of the ease of access for each team member.  Team members feel more engaged and free to share ideas and information thus leading to maximum efficiency.


We live in a fast-paced, connected world and our work environment is no different.  With increasing competition, it’s more important than ever for offices to foster and encourage efficiency, creativity, and teamwork.  This can easily be acheived by an array of collabrotive furniture that creates an informal setting for sharing of thoughts and ideas. When collaborating, teams can utilize the knowledge, experience, and skills of each team member to acheive a common goal.

Conference Seating

Image is a primary factor in the conference room.  But comfort and support are just as important.  No matter your industry, your conference chair should allow you to make the sophisticated impact you want while provideing the comfort and support needed,

Conference Table

Image, Style, Substance – define all three with conference tables and accessories that complete your office.


Whether it’s a college auditorium or an elementary school, today’s classroom must serve students who learn in a variety of ways.  Rows and Rows of static desks and chairs are a thing of the past.  Furniture that provides Mobility, Technology, and Collaboration are all key components to helping students succeed and thrive.

Lounge Seating

Lounge furniture is no longer just in the lobby of your office.  Today’s work environment finds comfortable and stylish seating throught your space.  And with the ability to integrate power and USB outlets to many of these options, you can work seemlessly anywhere you like!

Private Offices

Private Offices are usually thought of as a relic of the traditional work space but the need for private space and individual offices are still a necessity for many organizations. Today’s Private Office can be an intregal part of the new, modern, work environment.  Whether by integrating a sit to stand desk that is part of the overall desk unit, to unique storage solutions that are ideal for a smaller footprint and less paper, today’s private office is there to  support the modern executive.

Task Seating

The best chairs go beyond what you’d expect.  The quality and comfort of your office chair affects your health and productivity.  Many offer all the ergonomic benefits one requires while simlutaneously providing a number of customization options allowing you to create not only the perfect fit, but a chair that is aesthetically pleasing for your office environment.


Office work is no longer “one size fits all.”  As offices continue to support a variety of workers, it’s all about having the right tools for the right job.  Technology and ergonomics allow the modern worker to be comfortable and work in a way that helps them be as productive as possible.


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How we work and where we work are ever changing.  Individual spaces are shrinking to make room for collaborative and team environments.  Although smaller, there is an increased demand for individual spaces.  Today’s moderrn Worstations incorporate access to technology, power, unique storage solutions, and division among workers.  The result is an area that facilitates efficiency while not sacrificing aesthetics and the overall look of the modern office.